WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Andries Tatane

Welcome to the official home of the Taking Back South Africa! 2012 Movement.

We are the people of South Africa of all different races, cultures and backgrounds. We came from a painful past of Apartheid only to realize that after decades of hard struggle, in 1994 in exchange for establishing a symbolic multicultural ‘democracy’,  real control of our country was handed over to  Western corporations. This lead us straight from the frying pan and into the fire.

We are against:

1. Imperialism: Imperialism is one country owning the wealth and resources of another and holding cultural influence over that country. South Africa today is a classic imperialist controlled country with Western Corporations controlling our resources while we suffer from extreme poverty. We are also against our beautiful diverse cultures, morals and ideals being destroyed by imposed Western Corporate culture.

2. Poverty: Not just any poverty but a unique poverty which sees us having the second largest wealth divide in the world. Today approximately 80% of our country’s wealth is going into the hands of  less than 20% of the population while the poorest 50% of those who have jobs collectively earn 6% of the country’s wealth. That is besides the 1 quarter of our population who have no jobs whatsoever. Prices of essential services and foods are rising  while the income (if any) of the majority of South Africans is decreasing.

This situation is directly linked to foreign corporations controlling our wealth.

3. Playing Politics with People’s Lives: The ANC passed privatization laws such as GEAR and NEPAD which caused the loss of millions of jobs and affirmed control and ownership of our country to corporations whose allegiances lie in Europe and America. The DA doesn’t oppose these laws and policies. Therefore not only are our political parties unable to solve these issues but they are, in fact, direct conscious enforcers of these issues making them at the risk of sounding “radical”:  enemies of the people.

Voting and working with them in our councils we believe can be compared to a man trying to fix his cupboard in a house that is on fire.

4. Crime: One of the major products of this extreme class divide is crime, and not any crime but our unique crime which sees us having of the highest and worst statistics in the world comparable to and even surpassing war zones. More South African citizens were murdered over the last six years than the number of civilian Iraqis killed in the war there over the same period. One in four South African women have been raped in our country. We have of the worst crime against children statistics and the drug trade by gangs and mafias is widespread across South Africa. The fact that this crime is generally a result of institutionalised poverty as enforced by the politicians makes these politicians the root cause of the crime and not helpless do-gooders.

Our Plan:

Is simply to rally all South Africans who are victims of this Imperialist system to organise collectively to the point where our efforts combine and culminate in a simultaneous country wide protest campaign. We will then lay our demands at the doorstep of the government and give them a final opportunity to prove their allegiances. Our basic demand is the immediate eradication of all the above problems by remedying the source of the problem.

Should the government refuse to fulfill the demands of the people of South Africa then:


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