Why we are encouraging all not to vote

Posted: May 28, 2011 in On Democracy

Our view on voting: 

If the ANC, the DA etc had free will then ‘voting’ 400 into parliament to represent 50 million people might have been a bitter yet a worth a try option.

But considering:

1. Our reality proves that politicians have no capacity to clash with foreign exploitative    corporates with the proof that the most anti capitalist groups , the ANC, SACP and Cosatu have sat in power while South Africa’s class divide was expanding through deliberate policies they themselves implemented such as “GEAR”, “NEPAD” etc…so how would the situation be if the DA, a party with no particular social history and no anti foreign exploitation agenda, if they received the majority votes? What motivation is there for the poor blacks to vote for the DA? simply because they are not the ANC?

2. 17 years of this ‘democracy’ has brought hell on earth for the majority and whether we like it or not people have a limit to how much they will tolerate before actually resorting to direct action the sparks of which we have been witnessing in townships across the country this past year.

3. I personally find it disgusting that basic human essentials such as the right not to live in poverty, the right not to have 18,000 of us murdered every year, the right not to have 1 in 4 women raped etc…that these issues be trivialized into the extremely arrogant phrase “well if you don’t vote you have no right to complain”. Are people voting to be human or not? to live or not? to have dignity or not? Is this what “our rainbow democracy” has become?

4. Based on the above, the aim of our campaign is to demand these rights from whoever is in power, whether it be the ANC, the DA or the devil himself.

We are encouraging people not to vote because we have already reached the stage of awareness that all polititcians are criminals who have a short time left to deliver or to step down in their entirety.

Our campaign is beyond politics. It is about humanity. 


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