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  1. BFL says:

    Eh some very cool work being done here. we often feel highly disillusioned because there isn’t often a space for like-minded individuals who feel very strongly about these issues to voice concern. Here, you are moving away from simply voicing it, towards doing… really doing something… if that is the case then we are with you… Awehness brothers and sisters!

  2. Damn! Now I am on your WordPress? Tisk Tisk. Deleting people who question you doesn’t make them go away. It just answers their questions and prove that you have something to hide. Here is my latest blog about you. Don’t be scared.

  3. Judas says:

    South Africans are discontented and even furious with government, but are we capable of revolution? I ask this due to the stark disinterest into the occupy campaigns and other protests alike. most within the middle class do not see this as a productive means to broadcast the message. If we remain quiet, nothing will change and we will continue to descend into further dysfunction. If we choose the path of revolution, we must also realise that it will be far more difficult to draw a crowd as in other countries where the people in unison recognise their governments’ policies as void. There will be more things counting against the ‘revolution’ than things counting for it. If such a revolution should occur, it must be executed with military precision. Not wasting resources on things that are not crucial to victory. Today a weakness was exposed within the JSE network, if we were to take the offensive and start a revolution, these weaknesses must be brought to our advantage. AnonOps is a perfect affiliate for such an operation. Bringing down the JSE is as simple as bringing down its network. – once deplomacy fails contact me –

  4. wi3x says:

    So, what’s the plan? How do we fix this?

  5. Lime Lite says:

    All this ‘movement’ is, is a bunch of communists speaking with a fork tongue. Why don’t you hold up the USSR or China as examples of what happens when you remove Capitalism and place the people in hunger, torture and depression? You’re all about power – for yourselves. You want everything for free without working for it and let the common people earn it for you. You have endless useless slogans to rile the people up with. Empty promises for everybody. I can’t believe people still fall for this crap.

    • CThruYourPropaganda says:

      Communists can only gain by revolting, they do not have any other means – and when they do take South Africa as is propagated by this propaganda; you’ll see more misery than Apartheid could ever cause. And these communists know it.

  6. revelation says:

    this is the type of movement I have been looking for… how can I get involved?

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