“A picture speaks louder than a thousand words”

Below you will find the video’s produced by “Winds of Change Media” as well as other related videos.  Please also visit our YouTube Channel.


For Freedom We Shall Rise! – South Africa 2012

Siyathemba: Occupy Cape Town (Battle of the Common)

Hallelujah: A dedication to the global uprising

This is War: South Africa 2012

Occupy South Africa: Will you be there?

Occupy South Africa: We shall not be moved!

Revolution South Africa: Freedom or democracy?

Let the battle begin (South Africa 2011)

Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!

Taking Back South Africa! 2011 Theme Video: Will we ever be free? 

I am Andries Tatane! (The Call)

Senzeni Na? – What have we done?

Message from Anonymous: To the South African people

Tula Tu Tula Baba (To our Babies)

  1. Melanie Steyn says:

    Thank you for pinpointing the real culprits and for your non-racial stance. The videos are so moving. With you all the way.

  2. Chris Smit says:

    The time has indeed come, for people of all colours, to take this country back from savages in the SAP and govt.

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