*We encourage all to take the initiative and organize your own means of protest. Let your efforts network into ours so that all our collective protests culminate into our simultaneous countrywide protest. Please also use the form below to share suggestions, to network with us or to simply voice your support!

Below you will also find some useful easy to read Organizing Manuals.



Rise up and organize in all manners against the Capitalist system controlling South Africa

Network online!

Network on the ground!

Let us come together in ideas and in action!

Let us be true to ourselves…Let us be helpful neighbors…Let us be responsible adults

Let us be respectful to our elders!

Let us be our brothers keepers!

But let us be free!

Free of Capital Dominance!

Free from the shackles of corporate control!

Free from the subservience to puppet politicians!

Free from the influence of Corporate American media!

Be angry!

Be vigilant!

Be proud!

Be organized!

Be optimistic!

Let our efforts culminate in a coordinated simultaneous protest

A coordinated countrywide  campaign

Let us make 2011 OUR year

The year of the People

The year that this nonsense finally comes to an end!

The year that WE the people take back our country and rebuild it for us ALL

Let the government, banks and corporations hear our voices loud and clear:


Below are some Free for Download Organizing Manuals – Please Share Widely



  1. CThruYourPropaganda says:

    Same kind of propaganda the Hutus printed before they massacered the Tsutsi. History teaches many lessons.

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